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Where Was God book series



Debbie Menold

Helping children understand they are never alone.

Where Was God at the Beach Children's Book

The "Where Was God" Book Series

Available NOW...

Where Was God at the Beach?

Where Was God in the City?

Where Was God in School?

Where Was God in the Mountains?

AVAILABLE NOW!!!!The last in the series

Where Was God with My Friends?




Debbie's Mission

"If we can instill the sense in youth - or anyone- that no matter what their friends say, no matter how much stress they’re under, no matter how they feel about themselves….. there is always someone in their corner who is by their side showing them who they really are….

This is my passion and my mission- To bring spirituality to the forefront of living a mentally healthy life. By providing a non-denominational approach to a healthy mental state and introducing God in a relatable way through Quinn, her adventures can teach all of us, young and old, how to heal, understand, value, and accept each other to become a more unified community." 

You are never alone,   

Debbie Menold Marini

The Where was God? Book Series (2023)

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Where Was God at the Beach FOR SALE JUNE 20th

Follow Quinn on her adventures as she explores new places with friendly faces and looks for the wonders of God as she enjoys her day.


See God through the eyes of a child and let Quinn remind our children that we are never alone. 

Where Was God at the Beach

Release date June 20, 2023

Where Was God in the City

Release Date October, 2023


Where Was God in the Mountains and

Where Was God in School

Release Date November 2023


Where Was God With My Friends 

Coming Soon!!

Publisher StarLight Books

Amazon (added soon)

Ximena, FL

"Shout out to Debbie Menold Marini for her amazing book, "Where Was God at the Beach?". My kids love it and so did we!

Angela B. , FL

"Thank you for having us. We are blown away by your book series and can't wait for the next three to come out. 
Being able to read these books to our children so they understand God is with them in everything that is kind and beautiful is priceless "
Ximena Review_edited_edited.jpg

Sarah, NJ

"Quinn loves to read and point to the baby on each page! The colors and illustrations are perfect for a young child."

Helen, PA

"This book is such a connection between Spirituality and Feeling connected! It truly makes God seem reachable and relatable."
flip flop book.jpg

Christina, FL

"Miss (x) enjoyed your book today after her Christening xo"
baby after christening .JPG

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What Has Debbie Been Up To?

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Book Signing

Thunder Road Books

Spring Lake NJ 

"One of the most successful Author Events we have had"- Thunder Road Books

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Reading for 5th Grade Students 


St Rose Grammar School

Belmar, NJ 

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Featured Guest of Brenda Viola 


The Alchemy of Pain 

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Book Signing


Storytime Featured Author


Barnes and Noble 

Eatontown NJ 

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and Storytime

Private Home 

Lakewood Ranch, FL

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Featured Guest of Chrisie Canny 


Vented in Brooklyn 

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Book Signing


Invited Guest to Author Event 


Ocean Grove, NJ  

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November 30th, 2023

Reading at 

Cardinal John Foley School

Havertown, PA


St Francis of Assissi

Springfield, PA

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Book Signings

School/Private Readings

Churches, Schools, PTA, Assemblies, Storytime and Readings


About Debbie Marini

Debbie is a children’s advocate, She holds a Masters in Human Behavioral Psychology and is the owner of The Awareness Impact, a mental health awareness platform, to help find balance in our lives.  The loss of her son’s friend to suicide has been the inspiration behind her writings; to provide comfort in spirituality, reminding us we are part of something bigger.Debbie firmly believes in using the tools we’ve learned to help each other navigate through this journey we call life, creating a community where no one feels alone. Ever.

She strives to create a sense of belonging and purpose for everyone and her books are a great vehicle to help her spread that message to children.


Debbie loves being a new grandmother “Nonna”, spending sunsets on the beach with her family and sharing her learned lessons to maintain a healthy mental state. 

For more information on The Awareness Impact, please click below to be redirected.


Debbie Marini

Author . Speaker . Advocate . Nonna

Contact Debbie

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